Sample websites

Wordpress Portfolio - A website similiar to this one but made using WordPress

Band website - A website for a band that makes use of lightbox type photo gallery, JSON and jQuery. Used a Semantic UI framework.

Quiz - A quiz webpage using Javascript and jQuery

Golf website - A website for a golf society created with HTML

Golf website with Semantic UI

2D Animation (.swf)

Half body character on a static background

Two animated flying characters on a detailed background

Graphic Design

ELA Nationalities - Created using Canva to show off the different nationalities of students that the University College Dublin English Language Academy had enrolled for Summer 2019. Final poster was cropped to a smaller size.

ELA Autumn Poster - Canva created poster to be placed around UCD campus to advertise Autumn 2019 evening courses.

ELA Social Activity Poster - Canva designed template for weekly Social Activity Programme.

Mathematics for Graphics and Statistics

3D Plane - Microsoft Excel created 3D plane using transformation matrices, vector algebra, and painters algorithm. Contains fully functional controls to manipulate plane on graph. File contains 3 sheets: Object, Transform, Interface.