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Sustainable Shelters

Shelters provides covered space for local communities, businesses and local authorities to provide shelters for a variety of users in a range of contexts. Bus shelters, bicycle shelters, park shelters, etc.

What is different about this product is that the materials used are sourced locally, each shelter is unique and there is an emphasis on local vernacular craft traditions

The shelters are the opposite of what is available currently, i.e. stainless steel and glass, or Perspex and painted steed, these models are available throughout the world and have no connection to local construction methods and materials.
This model of design is based on a sustainable ethos, which attempts to use traditional craft techniques in a contempory context. Crafts like thatching, weaving stone masonry and wood joinery are incorporated into the designs.
The proto-types also use recycled materials which maybe available in a given situation, examples used heretofore are plastic conduit, recycled decking, recycled corrugated Iron and slate for roofing.