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N4 Not Bypassed

Leitrim County Council
Roosky, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

A public commission for Leitrim County Council, by Niall Walsh in collabration with students of Mohill secondary school.
The sculpture  presents a dialogue around road building and its effects on the local environment and community.

The work contains two elements , an underground chamber containing a  simulated section of contempory road surface, the chamber is capped by a ‘roof ‘ of  reinforced glass etched with a pattern from a tougher (wooden walkway) uncovered during  an archaeological dig undertaken as a result of the construction of the by-pass.

The seccond element is a kiosk which contains a touch-screen monitor with a number of  short films. The films look at the construction of the road and the reaction of the local students and representitivs of the council,  the articles uncovered by the archaeological dig and information on the elements which make up the  sculpture.

The work is located in the village of Rooskey on the banks of the Shannon, visitors will need to ignore the by-pass to view the work.