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Sculpture at Kells, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

This sculpture relates to its site within the nave of the ruined church. In Medieval times, local rulers were interned in a type of Sarcophagus within the local church, an outline of their bodies was carved on the lid of the 'box' (sometimes this image would show the internee in a state of decay). Drawing on this tradition, I have made a scarophagus of the living, one side containing a concave image of my partner, the other an image of myself. The Charring of the wood makes for an interesting texture. The blackness of the burnt wood is non-reflective and draws the viewer in, like darkness in a hole or cave. To the place where the imagination is most active. The burning also gives the wood a protective layer.

By carving in reverse and then burning the wood, I am hoping to achieve an optical illusion where the viewer is confused as to if the image in concave or convex, entering or leaving through the portal.