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New Republic

New Republic Manorhamiliton 2012

Next week will see the opening of a unique space on the main street in Mannorhamilton. T.A. Goldens unoccupied shop will be transformed for a two week period into the headquarters of the ‘New Republic of Mannorhamilton’.

Leitrim based artist Niall Walsh, currently on a residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, is inviting the citizens of the town and environs to make their contributions to the visioning of a new political entity. The object of the project is to enable the public to propose their own ideas and images of what they imagine a new republic might look like.

There are a number of processes by which this can take place: for example using templates from a range of countries to compose designs for a flag, currency and stamps for the new republic; collecting short articles for the new republic that the artist can later assemble into a new constitution; informal discussions based on a range of political and philosophical models and in response to daily screenings of a variety films and documentaries. 

The project is a response to recent economic and political events and is based on the involvement and empowerment of citizenship towards envisioning collective political futures.

The New Republic headquarters will be open from Friday 3rd of August until Friday 17th august. Everyone is welcome, and refreshments are available. Details of events will be posted on the shop front daily.

The final exhibition of this public collaboration will be January/February 2014 at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre and possibly other locations in the town.

For more information or if you want to participate contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Niall Walsh at 0877555328