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Tablets of Contested Utopias

Studio Nine/wexart
Westgate, Wexford, Ireland

This exhibition presents a collection of 2 and 3 dimensional sculptures in wood. Oak, which has been interruped in the process of incineration, existing in a space between vegetable and mineral, becomes a transitory platform on which to develop images.

Artists like Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller, Max Ernst, De Chirico, Malevich, and Antonio Sant'Elia, amongst others are referenced. The images are manipulated and re-represented.

Creative thinking amd the reimagining of possible features are areas which many visual artists are curently positioning themselves. Through re-presenting works from the monernist era and by viewing images of utopian dreams from the early 20th century, its gives us the opportunity to review systems illustrated by artists and architects from an earlier era of intense change. The utopian systems, which are studied here, became pillars of modernism, some that in retrospect worked , and others that failed. The works are exhibited in the tradition of religious icons referencing and earlier christian utopia.

We are living in interesting and challenging times, the current system of government and economics are no longer adequate to provide answers to the question of sustainable living. How do we square the equation of constant growth with global warming? Can artists build upon former activity and ideals, to construct new possibilities that can serve to begin to make a more sustainable future? A third way.